Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Scary books

Oh no, I forgot what books I have been reading. So here come the ones I've read recently.

"Stories of your life and others" left a really big impression on me. Wonderful fiction, with most short stories in Sc-Fi genre.
My favorite was "Seventy-two letters"-about a parallel science world to ours, a steampunk biotech, with a good dose of ethical dilemmas. 
By the way, the film "Arrival" was based on the "Story of your life"... 

I have always been fascinated by monsters, disease and apocalypse. 
So somehow a few unpleasant books found their way into my kindle.

And "The Ghost Map: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic - and How It Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World" title says a lot. Just to add-it's about cholera.

"The handmaids tale". Another dystopian novel. Set in a near-future New England, in a totalitarian theocracy that has overthrown the United States government, the novel explores themes of women in subjugation and the various means by which they gain individualism and independence. 
There's the new series for your liking!

"The hot zone" is a  nonfiction thriller by Richard Preston about the origins and incidents involving viral hemorrhagic fevers, particularly ebolaviruses and marburgviruses. A really terrifying and fascinating book.

I am still on this gigantic, never ending "Seeing further: The story of science & the Royal Society, edited by Bill Bryson" book. Truly curious stories of how people perceived world and how the science evolved. Many ridiculous things, I promise!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Our cat Vambola

 Hello, meet Vambola. Our Cornish rex 4 month old kitten. 
She came back with us from  AstraRex kattery in Kaunas, Lithuania, together with two more birds-Society finches.
 Vambola is an old name for a man, but our cat is a girl. I like how the name sounds and I think the cat really doesn't mind. It's just funny each time we call it out loud.
I really wanted to have a dog and tried all possible breeds, but my allergy is equally bad towards all of them. 
This particular cat breed is very dog like. Perfect for me, as I wanted a real companion, even when it is older. Cornish rexes keep their kitten attitude all their lives.
 And my favorite dogs are sight hounds, so this cat is like a whippet of the cat world. Also, it's fur is amazing! So soft, I constantly want to touch it. Which is perfect as Vambola seeks contact a lot.
 Her favorite place is on top of the orchid lamp, naturally.
And it seems all our animals have matching colors. Even the birds, except for one dark society finch. And the insects, of course.
When the guinea pigs are not running around, the cat uses them as pillows. The piggies in turn, lick cat's paws. 
But as soon as the pigs are on the floor or in their cage, I can see the hunter instinct awaken.
Birds are also in danger, but so far, the cat responds well to water spray technique :-D

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The knitting cats

 So, it seems I am into the cats now. I never ever would have imagined I would become a cat person.
 So, this big watercolor painting is for a very special little girl in Vilnius.
The painting also has details in colored ink. 
 See that spotted leaf above? This is stylized Begonia maculata. Oh, I hope I will own it in future. Unfortunately it is poisonous for pets.  Though I hope when my cat grows up it will ignore most of my plants as I have so many. I also plan to always grow cat grass!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Dangerous pets

I Googled "Dangerous pets". Some unexpected results popped up. Who calls an ostrich or a camel a pet!?

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Home is where cat is...

Have you ever heard the expression: home is where the cat is ? Well, I can definitely add, it's where the plants are.

It seems I am incapable of stopping painting cats in vegetation.
I will for sure try to paint some dogs among house plants too, just there are too many breeds to choose from, ha ha!

Colorful greyhounds

Did I mention I like all kinds of sight hounds: greyhounds, whippets, saluki, afghan and so on. I dare to joke they reflect my desire for freedom to roam the world :-D But I think there's some truth to this. 
I also like their shapes a lot. 
Since I am allergic to dogs I have decided to have the equivalent of this kind of dog in the cat world. Namely the Cornish rex. I think I won't be able to stop taking photos and painting. And hear here, they are very much like dogs! I hope to travel with it.
 This watercolor painting is available on my Etsy.
If you have any dream animals to be painted, don't hesitate to write me!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Guinea pig star wars.

 Hello. These are our guinea pigs. Hakuna and Matata. Roughly translated their names would be No and Worries. I am pretty sure which one is Worry. The brown one. Hes is much shyer.
 I have seen so many guinea pig crazy people while reading about their care on internet. It seems piggies are the big thing!
 And I understand why. They are funny, very social, demanding food, loving food, loving you through food. Did I mention they love food?
Although these two are brothers they fight a bit too. Or they don't even fight, but do occasional stand offs. Like above.
 The clear winner is No!
They have been very shy and would not even eat the first couple days, also skitter as soon they see a movement. Now they eat from our hands and let us touch them inside their cage.  They are not used to floor time yet. They just run off to their home.

I think I will have to create a separate account on Instagram for all my pets!