Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Our new Cornish rex cat just flew in

 Hello, this is Muse (a fly-English), our new Cornish rex kitten. 5 months old. So, we have two cats now. Muse is still rather shy and is very talkative. I went to Kaunas to pick her up from Noksas cattery.
She is such a poser! 
 And here is Vambola, 7 months with an orchid.

 It's still not really possible to catch them sitting nicely together as they are not that friendly with each other yet. I keep fingers crossed!

 We also had a black 2 year old male Mustik from a shelter. I think he was the sweetest cat I have ever met. A gentle giant. Unfortunately he lives with other people now. I was so allergic to him.

Sekmadienio svajonės

My drawing from last Sunday with words by Elė Kalvelė.
Sekmadieninis mano piešinys su Elės Kalvelės žodžiais.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Red cats

 This painting of red cats knitting found it's home in Vilnius.
 I've bought silver and golden ink bottles in one unexpected shop. I love it so much I am anxious in advance, what I am gonna do when they are all used up.
 Did you know that the majority of ginger cats are males? If you have a lady ginger cat, she is special! Well, all our cats are special, aren't they now?

A group sculpture

The second colaboration with Elė Kalvelė.
Image by me, words by her.
Žodžiai Elės Kalvelės (Žalia vieta),piešinys Redos Tomingas (Animals in dresses).
"Žinutė naujienose"
Skulptorius Ankleonas šią savaitę baigė gerbiamos miesto šeimos skulptūras. Atėnė ir Dzeusas !
Įkypos akys, didelis akies obuolys, dengiantis kone visą baltymą, maloniai nusmailėjant veidas. Plaukai – nesvarbūs. Kūnas – moteriškai pilnas, ne itin vingiuotas, krūtinė- patysus. Tai yra moteris.
Vyro kūnas – be matomų raumenų grupių, gan kresnas, aptukęs ir pasiryžęs tuo keliu toliau eiti. Veidas grubus, akys apvalios, ausys – stipriai atsikišę, kaklo beveik nėra.
P.S. Agamemnonas irgi įlindo į kadrą, tai iš likusios skeveldros irgi buvo išskaptuotas.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Of old age

The end is near. Most of the others do not want you with them any more. You are slow, ugly, different. Sleepy? Maybe it's contagious?! You decide to leave.  You would have done it anyway, without the other pushing you. You go where you came from. You wake up.
And life is back to it's normal. Until the next time...