Thursday, February 1, 2018

Plants, animals and other people

UZUPIS ART INCUBATOR "Galera" (Uzupio street 2, Vilnius) will open doors to a world of plants, animals and other people on March 15, at 18 o'clock. This is the very first solo exhibition by Reda Tomingas (Animals in dresses).
In two of the gallery’s halls, the artist will be presenting more than 30 pieces of her latest work. Paintings and drawings in one and digitally created art in another.

Animals in dresses-is it animals with human heads or humans with beast heads?
Animals and plants take a very important position in my life and even more important than homo sapiens in my art.
Why? I am still looking for the answer. The diversity of shapes and colors in animal and plant worlds is far more plentiful than in the human one.
I can safely say I have read more books on animal behavior and plant care than human psychology.

Come and explore the faces and figures, colors and textures of animals and plants. And pick your favorite personality.

Kovo 15 dieną, 18 valandą Užupio meno inkubatoriaus projektinė erdvė "Galera" (Užupio g. 2 Vilniuje) atvers duris į augalų, gyvūnų ir kitų žmonių pasaulį. Tai pirmoji Redos Tomingas (Animals in dresses) solo paroda. 
Dvejose erdvėse Reda pristato daugiau nei 30 darbų. Pagrindinėje salėje-tapyba ir grafika, antroje-skaitmeniniu būdu sukurti paveikslai.

Animals in dresses (apsirengę žvėrys) -tai gyvūnai su žmonių kūnais ar žmonės su žvėrių galvomis? 

Gyvūnai ir augalai užima labai svarbią vietą mano gyvenime. Ir gal net svarbesnę nei žmogus mano darbuose. 
Kodėl? Iki šiol mėginu sau atsakyti į šį klausimą. Formų, spalvų įvairovė tikrai pralenkia žmonių pasaulį.
Gyvūnų elgsenos ir augalų pri
ežiūros knygų perskaičiau daugiau, nei žmogaus psichologijos.

Kviečiu patyrinėti gyvūnų ir augalų veidus, figūras, spalvas ir tekstūras. Ir išsirinkti didžiausią asmenybę.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Digital world expanding

 I have started making it my everyday routine. To draw something before I start my days work. And since digital for me is more comfortable and faster to post, I go digital. Though pencil is probably faster.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy some f these works I have dove lately.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Our animals

 A little update on our pets. Well, the guinea pig brothers found a loving new home. We have two cats instead as you maybe know. 
Above is the couple of Java sparrows. There is also a couple of Society finches which are impossible to take photos of.
 I like to show these two girls to kids in my daughters kindergarten. They look rather horrible, these New Guinea spiky stick insects. But they are really gentle. And I think they have gotten used to us already, because they never take up the threatening posture any more.
 These here are either Vietnamese stick insects or something else very similar.  
 Our Cornish rex cats grooming each other.
 This little one here is a real fart machine. Better not to be in the vicinity when that happens!
The window light has been abandoned due to the low temperatures. I share the same need for warmth and sun with these cats.

Orchids love autumn

 More acculturate, it's me who loves autumn. Because it is the blossoming time of many orchids. Here are two Cattleya hybrids (no name) opened right now. There a few more on the way.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Walking dogs in October

Hello, this is October. I wish it was October until the spring. Unbelievable colors this year. Some of them have no name yet I am sure. 

July and April

So the hot hot July above. A monotype print. And below is April, inspired by my very talented friend Giedre, who is a dancer. We visited Japan together.
April is also a bit like a tribute to the film "Blade runner". Have you seen the latest film. Oh my god, I want to watch it again and again!

The fox dogs of December

So, here it is, the 2018 calendar is ready! The fox is made out of plasticine. Muse the cat was trying to sit on the picture all the time. Because it was warm from all the kneading. See the disturbance photos here.
I really like this media. Drawing with plasticine. I just do not dare to take up the colors just yet. It can get ugly real fast :-D